Tucker Collections was born and created at an odd point in our lives. Myself Jeanette and my hubby Colin had walked away from a business in manufacturing to following our passion project. We have always had a love affair with the slightly bizarre and macabre side of things. Tucker Collections started with securing pieces and collections that would amaze our customers. The collections needed to be different and masterful all at the same time. The artwork had to be done with passion and pride. Searching the UK for suppliers that had the same vision as us. We started our business popping up at fayres and markets. Meeting and greeting people was always a happy place. When Comic Con came around we could not resist and had to be there. The con was such an amazing event and Tucker will continue to be at Comic Con for years to come. In fact we will continue to pop up at alternative events all over the place.

With all this being said, Tucker is run by real people with a eye for different. We are constantly looking and seeking new products. We believe in customer service and building a relationship with our customers.

Stick with us and we will continue to bring you bizarre slightly haunting items for all your gifting needs.

All products are under trademark and copyright law. Any reproduction or copying of the products is forbidden. Legal notice will be issued if products are reproduced for resale.

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