Red Universe Creative Company is a new company born from the ambitions of Caleb Gumbo. It’s a small company that focuses on creative works such as books.  

Caleb Gumbo is a writer alongside gamer, content creator and the self-proclaimed King of Nerds. As an author he has published his first book Inheritors of Power Volume 1. He is a content creator for YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. Additionally, he has experience in competitive gaming and was the team captain of an esports team. 

Red Universe was born from this love of the nerdy world and focuses on telling stories that will appeal to nerds. As of 2023 Red Universe is solely focused on book publishing with Inheritors of Power Volume 1 being the first book to be published by the company. In the future, Red Universe seeks to branch into TV productions, film productions, video game development and comic book publishing.  

Red Universe seeks to create fictional stories across the universes. From humans who inherit the power of gods to angels descending into an unfamiliar mechanical world and anything in between, stories thrive within this universe. 

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