Things to know about Moon Bunny Crafters:

At MoonBunny we want to create a product which we can proudly display and a brand which can be trusted for creativity and longevity. We know our products and designs are unique but what makes them even more awesome is that everything is washable. Our designs will become something you can cherish because we put great care into every one of our products. We do customisable products, we follow your direction, we add our special touch and together we create masterpieces. We are determined to build MoonBunny into something that will leave its pawprint on the world and to achieve that we will constantly work at improving our designs, building our brand, providing quality service and mostly making sure all our clients leave MoonBunny Headquarters very happy and satisfied with quality products.


We focus on creating unique designs and products. Each item is handprinted, and some are hand crafted as well. We create each product and design with care and dedication to detail, hoping to provide a one of a kind piece under the direction of our customers.


We create:

* hand painted and hand-crafted pillows

* hand crafted shopping/tote/book bags

* hand painted t-shirts

* hand-painted denim products

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