Hey there, I’m Natascha Fesenmeier, and here’s the scoop about me: I’m a language ninja, rocking three different languages, and i’ve got my sights set on conquering Korean and Japanese someday.

Once upon a time, i was a total vidoe game aficionado, slaying dragons and conquering virtual worlds like a boss! But then came college chapter, and suddenly, time became a scarce resource. Game mode? More like “can’t find the remote” mode! And let’s not forget the struggle of finding a game that truly tickled my fancy.It’s like searching for a mythical unicorn in a sea of meh. But fear not , for the gaming spark still flickers within me, awaiting it’s triumphant return!

Welcome to a sneak peek into my daily shenanigans! I prouldly waer the hat of a qualified Multimedia designer and freelancer, where creativity flows through my veins like a caffeinated river, And guess what has been tickling my curiosity lately? Blender, the 3D design wizard! As a multimedia maestro, I simply couldn’t resist diving into the world of blender and all it’s magical possibilities. Brace yourself, because this creative journey is about to get a whole lot more exciting!

I hail from a clan of creative geniuses, so the art bug bit me from a tender age. But oh, the woes of adulting! Life has a knack for keeping me busy, making it a struggle to squeeze in some quality drawing time.Lo and behold, Comic Con is on the horizon, and the anticipation has ignited a fiery passion withhin me! The prospect of strutting my artistic stuff in September has me buzzing with excitement.