Just Chris Plain

Just Plain Chris

If you were to ask me why I enjoy cosplay, I’d have two answers. Firstly, I absolutely love how my cosplays make people smile. It’s a priceless thing to experience – feeling like you’ve made a small difference to someone in that moment. Secondly, I wouldn’t regard myself as a very artistic or creative person, so cosplay helps me grow and develop in that regard. It continuously takes me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to learn new things I have very little natural aptitude for. I feel it keeps my mind and soul young. I’m personally drawn to stereotypical hero-types so most of my cosplays are usually related to that in some way. I find this type of character very inspirational because they always seem to do the right thing under difficult circumstances. I also enjoy cosplaying characters that have more of a physical element to them – that require me to show my physique – because this allows me to combine my passion for physical fitness with cosplay.