Cosplay Table


  • The table bookings will run from 09:30 to 17:30 with two-hour slots available.
  • The tables will be available across all four (4) days of Comic Con Africa (22th – 25th September 2022).
  • The booking is free of charge. Cosplayers may only book one slot across the whole weekend.
  • Cosplayers may book in pairs if they so wish.
  • Cosplayers are responsible for their own stock and setup.
  • Cosplayers will be responsible for their own money and the change they may need. There will be NO card points available in the area for sales.
  • There will be a black table cloth on the table as well as chairs provided, which need to be left neatly after the cosplayer has left.
  • There will be no staff available to help the cosplayers so they may bring a helper.
  • Cosplayers will need to have tickets to the convention.
  • A GES official will come through to check in on you when your slot first starts to make sure the previous cosplayer leaves on time.
  • Please note the event is PG13 and your prints will need to be family-friendly. If you are unsure of an image please feel free to share it with us and we will let you know. If you are caught selling prints of this nature, we will have to ask you to pack up.
  • Please note that no cosplayer under the age of 18, will be permitted to book a table.
  • No images of cosplayers under the age of 18 will be allowed to be sold at the event or tables.
  • Please send through a picture of yourself and a link to your social media pages for when we do the announcements during the first week of September 2022.
  • Please note: if you pull put after 31 July 2022 or do not arrive during your allocated timeslot then you will not be allowed to book a slot at the table in 2023.

Brought to you by Ges Cosplay and Brother South Africa

This booking will be free of charge and is open to all cosplayers attending the event. Bookings are open until 31 August 2022 or until full. If you would like to book a slot or need additional information please email: cosplay@ges.zone