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After Dark

Want to keep the party going all night long? There’s a ton to do after the lights go down at Comic Con Africa. Whether you geek out over movies, comic books, cosplay, or having a few drinks with some friends, we’re planning an incredible selection of after-hours events tailored to you, the fans! Join your fellow fans for fandom-infused events after the Show Floor closes. Check out what we have planned in the run up to Comic Con Africa and during the event, and stay tuned for more events to be added.

Animation Station

Animation Station is the central hub for Animation content at Comic Con Africa. It is home to our locally produced animation content and creators.

Artist Alley

Artist Alley is the heartbeat of Comic Con Africa. Here you’ll find an amazing showcase of independent artists celebrating all things pop culture, both local and international. These artists create original art and fan art in the form of comic books, novels, drawings, paintings and digitalart. . The artists have signed works for sale, with anything from printed posters to t-shirts and intricately painted canvas shoes.

Autograph Zone

The Autograph Zone is where you have the chance to meet your favourite celebrities and get your memorabilia and merchandise signed. There’s a little more time to interact with the guest at their table during this time than there is during a Photo Op, so if you have a burning question or are looking to have a quick chat to tell them what they mean to you, this is the opportunity for you. A printed photograph of the guest will be provided should you not have an item for the guest to sign.

Bloggers & Vlogger’s Lounge

Blog or Vlog? You create the content and we create the space. Because we know all creative juices flow best when comfortable, we have created the lounge for our writers, creators and communicators. This is your space to connect and create, with seating and your people around you.

Chill Zone

Throughout Comic Con Africa 2020, there are planned chill zones where you can grab a seat and soak in the atmosphere whilst resting your feet. Take a moment to plan your next move and catch up with friends at the Con.

Cosplay Central

Cosplay Central is the meeting place, the mecca, the hub, the can’t-miss destination for Cosplayers and cosplay fans at Comic Con Africa. Cosplay Central will be buzzing all weekend long. Come around to meet our special Cosplay guests, get your photo taken, see local Cosplay on display and take your photo in front of one of our awesome cosplay backdrops. Above all, come to be inspired to unleash your inner cosplayer!

Cosplay Karaoke Cafe

Are you secretly a superstar? Come to the Cosplay Karaoke Cafe and sing your heart out! Show off your karaoke skills and stand a chance to win some fun prizes. Join us at the Cosplay Karaoke Bar for a fun filled time in the best bar by far.

Fan Meet-ups

For specific, glorious hours throughout the con, fans of different fandoms can now easily meet other aficionados, hang out, and make some new friends. Fan meetups are con-organized events that are especially arranged to help you connect with other people who are just like you. Meet with others in your area interested in getting together and attending events, sharing news and ideas, and enjoying all the special elements of your fandom. Have fun, expand your community, and make new friends!

Film & Series

Regular sneak peeks preview, trailers and full screenings of your favourite films and series will take place during the Con. Take a look at the schedule and plan your viewings in the comfortable auditorium seating.

Freeplay Zone – Board Games

With the Freeplay Zone set aside for board games, you can learn how to play a board game that takes your fancy, or chat to skilled players about how to improve your game.


Gaming is about electronic games and video games on computers or consoles. They can be played individually, one-on-one in physical spaces, or in larger teams online. Online games feature a high level of interactivity and players are able to communicate vocally or by typing messages, as well as stream their games on live platforms where they field comments and questions from interested viewers.


KidsCon is a dedicated hall for kids aged 3 – 13. Come meet Mario and Luigi, your favourite My Little Pony, and participate in loads of other cool kid-centric activities. Kids, this is your Con too, and this is your space to shine! Please remember to keep your parent sidekicks by your side, as kids must have parental supervision at all times.


LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying) is a form of roleplaying where players physically act out the actions of their fictional characters, set in a fictional world. This often involves combat using buffer swords or Nerf guns. LARPers need to be quick on their feet and adept at weapon-play. Games are facilitated through a rules system determined by the Games-Masters. Hourly demonstrations will be taking place – be sure not to miss yours.

Main Stage

The Main Stage at Comic Con Africa 2020 is double the size of last year, allowing space for even more fans to enjoy the show’s highlights. This is the place to be for celebrity panels and Q&As, shout outs, workshops, topical discussions withexperts , Cosplay championships, live sketching, and launches.

Media Room

If you are an accredited media attendee, this is a quiet area for you to work, chat to our press officers, take a break, and refresh.

Photo Ops Zone

Time to smile your broadest smile! Stand side-by-side with your favourite pop culture hero and get photo evidence to prove it. Your friends will be in awe, you may faint, and you’ll have an incredible souvenir to treasure forever. The photos are taken by a professional photographer under ideal lighting conditions, using professional camera equipment. You will receive an 8×10 print of your photo printed on professional dye-sublimation photo printers, which will be ready shortly after your photo is taken. Digital copies of your photo will also be available for purchase to online for download from online following the Con.


You’ve probably played a roleplaying game before on pc or console, but real-life RPG allows you and a group to decide where to go, who to meet and what you want to do. It’s like adventure story telling, with the story made by everyone sitting at the table while playing the game. The only limitations are the rules of the game and the collective creativity of the people playing it. Join the Comic Con Africa RPG adventures using dice, pen, paper and your own epic character.

TableTop Wargaming

In tabletop wargaming, battles are enacted between opposing military forces with miniature physical models. Players engage in group tactical battles with themed models and personalising, painting, building and trading your models is part of the fun. At Comic Con Africa 2020 there will be both demo games and competitions of Warhammer 40K, X-Wing, and Dungeons & Dragons plus Infinity and Magic: The Gathering. This is your chance to increase your skills and learn from experts, or to compete to become the first Comic Con Africa Gaming Champion of Warhammer 40K!

The Block

The Block is a space for crafters with creations inspired by pop culture. Here you will find handmade items like jewellery, homewares, and clothing for purchase. All of these pieces have their own artistic interpretation of pop culture and bring your favourite characters and stories into your everyday life in the form of useful and beautiful objects. Local creative minds combine here to bring you The Block.

Writer’s Block

Independent authors, publishers, writers, novelists and all things books! If you are a reader or a writer this is where you want to be.