William Mabin

William Mabin

Consultant and Mentor @ Mastered | Game Technology

Introducing William Mabin, a dynamic figure in the realm of gaming and education. Armed with a Master's degree in game narrative and ludology, William has become a driving force in industry and education collaboration. Hailing from South Africa, he has imparted wisdom as a lecturer in video game design, shaping the minds of budding developers.

William's commitment extends beyond borders as he strives to bring knowledge from his work abroad training video game companies back to South Africa, enriching the local industry with international insights. A fervent believer in collaboration, he spearheads game jams to foster innovation and unity within the gaming community.

Not content with academia alone, William founded Toxyn Games, a platform for mentoring and indie game development. His dedication to nurturing talent and pushing boundaries underscores his passion for empowering the next generation of game developers. Join William Mabin at ComicCon for a captivating exploration of the dynamic intersection between gaming, education, and industry collaboration.

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