Ryan Kruger

Ryan Kruger

Actor, Director, Writer

Multi award-winning Director Ryan Kruger is known for his unique conceptual shooting style bringing Narrative and visuals to his music videos spinning over the last 12 years. Working with Some of South Africa's biggest names in the music world. Picking up many awards and nominations from the likes of MTV and SAMA'S (South African Music Award) He has been regarded as one of SA's top Music video directors. But soon made his jump to feature films. Directing his first debut film "Fried Barry" in 2020, which he wrote and directed. Already hitting festivals around the world competing next to major names. The film has already picked up 22 awards and many nominations in festivals such as Sites and Fantasia. Its already been getting its cult status from fan art around the globe and being the first of its kind to come out of South Africa.

2017 Kruger started filming a 5-year project shooting 8 Experimental films with his dark and edgy style with a number of familiar faces. His first 3min experimental "Fried Barry" screened around the world with over 59 official selections and over 12 wins. Which also ended up adapting to a full length feature film.

Kruger started at a early age making home movies with friends. He studied acting at one of the worlds leading conservatoires and drama schools "The Guildhall School of Music and Drama" under David Ciano

Career highlights include working with over 50 major US and UK bands such as Juliet Lewis and the licks, Black Flag, misfits, Bowling for Soup, Slipknot and many more. And playing Gareth the barman in "Warrior" HBO/CINEMAX series based on Bruce lee's early concepts. And comic adaptation "Bloodshot" starring Vin Diesel for Sony Pictures. In "Last Broken Darkness" he was Supporting the leads with two completely different characters Ghost/Lone Man. One being a English and the other a southern hillbilly.

2004 he started making music videos in South African. During this time Kruger acted and appeared in a number of UK TV series and films playing small bit parts and featured in films such as "Millions" (directed by Danny Boyle), and "O Jerusalem" as an American-Jewish extremist and in the hit TV series "Shameless" starring James McAvoy.

In 2008 Ryan decided to move to South Africa to pursue his acting and directing and got himself a part in the film "Doomsday" directed by Neil Marshall starring Bob Hoskins. During his stay in Cape Town he studied at the AFDA film school for 2 years just to get a crew together to shoot music videos.

During his time in South Africa he has acted in many international feature films and TV series. Then in 2011 in a British TV series "The Runaway" (starring Alan Cumming) as a cockney stage manager.

In 2013 he landed a part in the BBC's comedy show "Bluestone 42" as Biffa, a Liverpool scouser chef set in Afghanistan.

In 2014 he played in "Grimsby" as one of Sacha Baron Cohens English northerner football hooligan friends. Directed by Louis Leterrier also staring Mark Strong and Penélope Cruz. (Sony Picture Entertainment).

2013 MTV ZA Best Music Video of the Year for the band GoodLuck, his two other music videos where runners up in 2nd and 3rd place.

In 2015 Kruger has just picked up a SAMA (South African Music Award) for his Music video he did for "Prime Circle - Doors" for being the top director in the country for music videos.

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