Robert “SHUNDEEZ” Whitehead

Robert “SHUNDEEZ” Whitehead

Proffessional Toy Photographer

Robert Whitehead is an international toy photographer who found his niche in 2013. Inspired by his love for collectable toys, comic book culture and photography, he started photographing toys in fun and realistic environments and posting them on Instagram as “Shundeez_official.” His followers grew rapidly and he turned his passion into a growing business. In 2015 he was approached by Jazwares, the fastest-growing toy company in the USA, to shoot their products in a number of natural environments. He currently shoots Roblox, Peppa Pig, Minecraft, Feisty Pets, Animal Jams, Molang, RWBY, Hotel Transylvania and Assassins Creed for Jazwares' marketing, social media and advertising material. Being based in Cape Town, South Africa, allows Robert access to a vast number of different landscapes and natural environments. Cape Town has mountains, forests and beautiful beaches which Robert uses to his full advantage. If a job requires something different like a candy-filled cake land, then he creates the backdrop himself. With a background in Fine Art and TV production, he is uniquely placed to create the ideal environment for each toy he shoots. Robert uses very little Photoshop and instead uses practical effects like smoke machines, dust, sparks, water and any other element to make the toys come alive. In 2018, LEGO approached Robert as part of a team of four photographers to shoot the LEGO Ideas 'Ship in a Bottle' as part of LEGO's marketing campaign to release the toy. He continues to shoot for major toy brands in unique environments.

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