Michelle Kao

Michelle Kao

2D Art Lead/Principle Texture Artist @ Talent Digital Art

Do what you love and do it well. Be proud of who you are & where you came from. Your past does not define you. You have the power to create, change and carve your own journey <3

I enjoy creating art for animations, feature films, childrens and teen television series & games I grew up playing world of warcraft, seige and quake, Final fantasy 7 is what sparked my journey, I love all things asian culture and multicultural. I enjoy working on action packed and fun heartful stories. I enjoyed classic cartoons like Tom & Jerry, Totally spies , Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack and Powerpuff Girls. I love hikes/beaching, watching too much kdrama's (Watch Goblin guys, Alchemy of Souls & The Devils Judge), Anime (watch death note and bleach!) ,Kpop songs on repeat (don't judge me haha) & looking after my plants. League of Legend splash art/skins I appreciate, Valorant style, KDA and art directions that are experimental and ground breaking like Arcane and Spiderverse.

I'm a versatile ball of energy and great to have on any team, with my unique background and cultures, I bring a different perspective to the projects ,try to iterate as much as I can and help problem solve or create something new. I strive to grow and learn more on any project and I never take on a job that I wouldn't personally love as I always bring my all.

I can’t imagine doing anything else in my life than being part of a team of technical problem solving passionate dreamers. To be a part of the stories that make people experience a journey, an adventure something beautiful and fun. Cool and meaningful! I want to give back to the industry that played such a huge part in my childhood.

I have an undying passion for creating stories and visually executing them. I really enjoy the collaborative process and working with different teams and people. I specialise in visual development environment concept art and lookdev, I am really good at making designs work for tv series and feature films - ensuring the shaders are pipeline friendly and designs are appealing and technically correct as well for animations and deformations

My biggest goal would be to start a concept art and visual development school in South Africa or more of a local online academy that has access to international info or to help the local students grow in any way that I can

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