Keli H

Keli H

Author / CEO - KREST Publishers

Keli H is the pen name of the CEO of the KREST storytelling empire. Comprised of KREST Publishers (book publishing), KREST Periodicals (magazine distribution), the KREST Conservatoire (an online writers academy), and KREST Collections (merchandise items), the company is on a mission to share the most inspiring stories the world will ever read. In her four year tenure, Keli has led the company to 8 book award nominations, including one for Best Publishing Company in SA at the 2022 national Book Behind Awards. <BR><BR> Keli H is additionally a published writer herself. Her journey started off as a medical doctor in the public health sector. In the year 2019 she switched from patients to pens when she left her medical career to become a writer instead. Through a local publishing house she released her debut fiction novel. When KREST was founded, the book was taken over and re-published as a second edition titled The Four Hundred Club. The Four Hundred Club, a contemporary fiction, won her the title of Best Upcoming Female Author in 2022. Keli is also an editor of novels and magazines, and writes across various genres and publications.

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