Hercules Mare

Hercules Mare

Lecturer | School of Media Design @ STADIO

I have always been fascinated by Art and Technology and enrolled in an Industrial Design Diploma. During my studies there I was introduced to 3D CAD and early Computer Graphics. At the same time, Jurassic Park and Toy Story were shown and had a massive impact on me. I started to pursue computer and 3D computer systems full-time.

I started Teaching at Midrand University in 2000 I was given an opportunity to train in Ghent, Belgium, and became a Certified Maya instructor, One of only two in South Africa at the time.

Since then, I was lecturing in higher education in various teaching and management roles. I started an animation studio in 2011 with my partners where we have serviced the advertising and film industry in Johannesburg for 6 years.

I am fascinated with the interplay of art and technology and how one can maximize the potential of a student. For Hobbies, you can find me behind the stove listening to audiobooks whilst using too much butter and wine.

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