Giraffe | Doctor

Geoffrey the Giraffe, formerly Doctor G. Raffe, is a fictional anthropomorphic giraffe who has been used to advertise the American toy retail chain Toys R Us since 1965, he was originally called Doctor G. Raffe from 1948-1965, his name was changed to Geoffrey in 1965, from 1965-1972, he appeared on print advertisements for the toy store, in 1972, he made his local television debut in a 10-second TV spot, in 1973, he made his national television debut where he appeared with hundreds of children dancing in the streets, however, that TV ad remains partially lost, it will get found soon, in 1973 or 1974, he got a family, which comprised of his wife, Gigi, daughter Baby Gee, and son Geoffrey Junior, in the late 1970s, animated commercials featuring him and his family began being produced, in the early 1980s (sometime around 1981-1982), the "I don't wanna grow up, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid" jingle debuted and the jingle's TV ads featured him, in 1999, his family bowed out of the spotlight so he can be seen as a kid, he wanted people to come to his stores and play, in 2001, he became a real giraffe voiced by Jim Hanks, in 2007, his spots were replaced by stars, and he became 2D again, he's still seen at Toys "R" Us stores today. Bargaintown, Geoffrey the Giraffe evolved in name and appearance over the next decade to become the official mascot of the renamed Toys "R" Us. He also made his first TV commercial appearance on television in 1973. Serving as a "spokesanimal" for the brand, Geoffrey's design went through several phases over the next 50+ years before the current star-spotted iteration was finalized in November 2007. In 2017, the company sponsored the live camera broadcast for April the Giraffe, which helped support giraffe conservation and awareness. The sponsored camera of pregnant April the giraffe went viral with millions of views on YouTube and across social media platforms.

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