Anel Van Rooyen

Anel Van Rooyen

Lecturer | Stadio School of Fashion

I have successfully obtained my honours degree with a specialized focus on the learning process of digital native students. Additionally, I have completed my BA Media degree with STADIO School of Fashion and LISOF. Throughout my academic journey, I have gained valuable experience within the retail industry, specifically as a bridal consultant. Furthermore, I have actively contributed to the media industry through my involvement with projects such as 'I see a different you' and SA Creatives. In these endeavors, I had the privilege of being part of the team that curated 'Fashion Forum with Nellie,' an online platform that centered around media representation. Moreover, I had the honor of presenting at the DUT Department of Arts and Design, where I focused on the intriguing topic of imagining the future role of social robots in design education. This opportunity allowed me to delve into the fascinating intersection between technology and education, exploring innovative ways to enhance the learning experience. I am eager to bring my diverse academic background, professional experience, and passion for education to make a meaningful contribution in the field. I am confident that my interdisciplinary knowledge and dedication will enable me to excel in endeavors that aim to shape the future of education and design.

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