Denim Richards has been performing for over two decades with numerous TV, film and musical theater credits under his belt.

He can currently be seen in the role of ‘Colby’ opposite Kevin Costner in the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone”. Additionally, Denim can be seen in the Netflix feature film “The Chickasaw Rancher” as ‘Jack Brown’ which tells the remarkable story inspired by the life of renowned Chickasaw cattleman Montford T. Johnson.

In 2006, Denim took first place in acting and singing in the Los Angeles NAACP competition. He went on to take fourth in nationals. For those who knew him well, the accolades came as no surprise. Denim found his passion for the arts when he was just six years old while performing as a guest soloist at the world-renowned Crystal Cathedral. Since then, he has never looked back. Through his acting, Denim loves to guide audiences through a range of emotions that leave them feeling uplifted and inspired. He is often attracted to roles that require extreme character development and vocal ability.

Denim has always had a burning desire to own and create, so in 2010, he established his own production company, Lazer Focus Productions, LLC (LFP). LFP is a multi-ethnic company that takes pride in telling original stories of quality while providing opportunities for professionals in the entertainment industry. Denim believes that there is amazing talent everywhere, and LFP is the platform that is needed to showcase that talent.

Denim’s brand is Love. He believes that everyone should receive it, especially children. Denim strongly believes that, “in this day in age where everyone is so busy, we have to remember that the youth are our future.” With this in mind, he launched Youth Empowering Success (YES). YES is a nonprofit organization that focuses on giving youth a positive voice through the arts: singing, acting, dancing, public speaking and/or filmmaking. In conjunction with his nonprofit, Denim also mentors third, fourth and fifth-grade children at MLK Elementary.

Denim is also very active in many different charities such as United Steps, which addresses homelessness; RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network); Rowell’s Foster Children’s Positive Plan and the Innocent Justice Foundation. Denim hopes to continue being a positive role model and an inspiration of hope.

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