International comic book writer & publisher

Dan DiDio has been a creative force in the superhero genre for many years and continues to be an innovator in this field, ushering in several projects that he has co-created for film & TV while overseeing all phases of the development process. Having served as Executive Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher of DC Comics from 2002 to 2020, Dan brings with him years of experience to every project he works on. Beginning in 2006, he wrote a weekly column entitled “DC Nation,” which appeared at the end of the majority of titles, such as Robin and the yearlong weekly maxi-series “52”, a project that he oversaw. Prior to his work at DC, Dan was also a Writer & Producer at Mainframe Entertainment, and currently, he is teamed with comic book and media legend Frank Miller as the publisher of the new comic imprint Frank Miller Presents.  Where he also created and wrote the new comic mini-series, ANCIENT ENEMIES. 

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